SyncButler 2.0

Sync files and folders the easy way


  • Very easy to use
  • Special Sync Butler, Sync! function
  • Nice design
  • Very well documented


  • No extended configuration options

Very good

SyncButler is an easy-to-use file syncing tool that can help you keep the content of two or more folders perfectly up to date.

SyncButler is really simple to use. The program features a nicely designed interface with big button menus and clear explanations about each function. To start using SyncButler, first you need to create what they call a Sync Partnership – that is, a pair of folders that will be synced with each other. One of those folders can be stored on a portable memory device, which makes SyncButler a handy tool to sync data between computers and portable drives.

Once you’ve created all the Sync Partnerships you need, SyncButler is ready to work. Simply click the big Start Syncing button and the program will keep all the selected folders perfectly synced quickly and efficiently. Plus SyncButler creates detailed reports which you can check in case there are any conflicts.

One interesting feature in SyncButler is the so called Sync, Butler, Sync!, which automatically selects and syncs files you’ve been working on recently to make sure you always have the latest version of your documents. Other than that, SyncButler doesn’t have any other extended configuration options.

With SyncButler you can easily keep your folders synced on your computers, and also between the computer and portable memory devices.



SyncButler 2.0

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